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Carpet Cleaning Website Design | Redesign

We offer professional web design to all business in the carpet cleaning industry. Our aim is to provide our clients with a highly professional advertising platform from which they can promote the services they offer in a professional manor, we only charge for web hosting services of the sites we create.

We understand the importance of presenting a website that is not only visually impressive but also content rich and designed to be friendly to all of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). As we move into a paperless society more and more people are turning to the internet as a replacement for directories and phone books. When searching for a service over 90% of people search local.

If a site is poorly optimised for search terms critical to your business (searches your potential customers use day to day) in your catchment area your website and services will remain hidden from the majority of users and your business will have missed out on the opportunity of attracting new cliental.

We offer Carpet Cleaners across the UK the opportunity to own a professional website that ranks on the first page of the search engines. Our designs can be customized to meet your needs, additional pages, images and other customisations are available until you are happy with the completed product.

About Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, both domestic and commercial is sought after for various reasons including improved hygiene, a reduction in allergens or improved ascetics by the removal of stains and dirt.

Carpet cleaning can be achieved through the use of both modern and traditional methods. Professional carpet cleaners are now able to utilise the latest advances in cleaning equipment and machinery available to the industry enabling them to offer carpet and upholstery restoration services to the general public as well as commercial interests.

Professional carpet cleaners are trained in the use of equipment and unofficially supervised by the Institute of Inspection, cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is responsible for setting carpet cleaning standards.

There are six professional carpet cleaning methodologies:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Dry compound
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet
  • Shampoo